CME Training Courses

What is CME or Continuing Medical Education?

CME – Continuing Medical Education: It means continuing education that will helps the doctors maintain competence and new skills. Moreover, developing areas in medical field. Continuing medical education will help to enhance health professional’s knowledge and skills, secondly, it will result in better health services provided. Med Prodoc conferences provides best cme training courses in dubai.

What is the purpose of Continuing Medical Education (CME)?

The main purpose of continuing medical education to enhance & upgrade health professional’s skills. Therefore,It will helps to better patient care, or public services or health system. It also helps doctors to maintain a high level of professional competence.

What is CPD or continuing professional development?

CPD – Continuing Professional Development is ongoing systematic maintenance. Firstly, growth of the knowledge and skills required for a doctors to remain proficient in Health professional’s job for the benefit of that particular profession. like Communication, Collaboration, Leadership Quality, Strategic Plans, etc.

communication is a necessary element of all efforts to improve health. Health communication can contribute to all aspects of disease prevention, medical care & health promotion. It is also relevant in a number of contexts of our lives as individuals, patients, members of families and communities. Collaboration is the skill to consult effectively with the healthcare team. Certainly, It requires interdisciplinary team building skills. CPD medical training courses enhance the team building skills. It also enhance Health professional’s requires skills in leadership, management of time, limited Resources, quality issues and risk management.

All Doctors should acquire the skills to develop, implement and monitor strategies that will improve the health of the community. By both comprehensive prevention and therapeutic research and planning the delivery of care. Med Prodoc conferences will help all the Health professional’s enhance the skills with CPD.

What will continuing education (CE) provide?

Continuing education (CE) is purposed to improve health professional performance in their medical practice, and thus enhance the care that patients receive. Beside the benefits of acquiring new knowledge & skills. Participating in Continuing education:

It Helps you to identify your own individual learning needs. So, you can understand where you need more knowledge and skills in your medical practice.
Means you have taken responsibility for life-long learning, development and career advancement in medical field.
Supports the basic principles and obligations of your chosen career.
Demonstrates to patients, peers and the public that you are taking appropriate steps to maintain and increase your level of competence and skills

Med Prodoc conferences provides the professional CME Training programs for Gynecologist, Physicians, Surgeons and other Medical allies to improve their knowledge and skills in medical practice.

CME Training Courses – Hernia essentials basics & practical Certified by Asia Pacific Hernia Society

CME Training Courses – Hernia essentials basics & practical Certified by Asia Pacific Hernia Society