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MEGO Conference

One of our flagship conferences is the Middle East Obstetrics and Gynecology Conference (MEGO), the largest of its kind in the region. This conference combines one renowned meeting with an innovative and thrilling one featuring the latest knowledge from top subject matter experts from around the world. MEGO 2024 is set to take place in Dubai, UAE. Dr. Mustafa Aldam is the president of the conference.

Researchers, doctors, and professors from around the globe will have the chance to get together at the Middle East Obstetrics & Gynecology Conference 2024 to offer their critical viewpoints and insightful information on various topics and methods of obstetrics and gynecology. MEGO 2024 provides an excellent forum for delegate and participant networking and exchanging information regarding emerging medical trends and prospects.


The conference will be held for three whole days. It will feature 60 lectures from outstanding field experts worldwide, keynote lectures by 40 international speakers, and ten workshop sessions on different topics. The conference will principally focus on recent advancements in cosmetic, aesthetic, and reconstructive gynecology.

The workshops are designed to provide attendees with hands-on experience in specific areas of obstetrics & gynecology. Dr. Mustafa Aldam will conduct the cosmetic gynecology workshop, while Dr. Ayman Al Qatawneh will conduct the urogynecology workshop. Dr. Mazen Bishtawi will conduct the laparoscopy workshop, and Dr. Leila Soudha will conduct the bioidentical hormone workshop. Dr. Osama Shawki will conduct the hysteroscopy workshop, while Dr. Prabhu Mishra will conduct the stem cells in the infertility workshop. Dr. Tina will conduct the vaginal thread lifting workshop, while Dr. Maysarah Alawneh will perform the ultrasound workshop. Lastly, Dr. Aboubakr Elnashar will conduct the induction of ovulation workshop, while Dr. Xiaoming Gong will conduct the microwave ablation therapy for the fibroid and adenomyosis workshop.

In conclusion, the Middle East Obstetrics & Gynecology Conference 2024 is an excellent opportunity for healthcare professionals to upgrade their knowledge and skills in obstetrics and gynecology. Attendees will have access to world-renowned experts and can attend workshops that provide hands-on experience in specific areas of gynecology. This conference will surely provide all attendees with new insights, possibilities, and lasting collaborations.


At Med Prodoc, we pride ourselves on our social responsiveness and continuous focus on innovation in education. We are committed to inspiring a diverse group of doctors who will reshape their competence in their respective medical fields.

Med Prodoc is a highly respected medical event organizer in the Middle East, providing healthcare professionals with various medical courses that offer CME hours. We bring qualified and top-class experts worldwide to provide our clients with the highest expertise and excellence. We focus on health workshops and training courses to facilitate knowledge sharing among prestigious medical communities, healthcare industries, and professionals.

Our medical training courses and conferences are designed to upgrade the knowledge and skills of gynecologists, physicians, surgeons, and other medical professionals under internationally recognized certifications. We provide medical training solutions for health professionals seeking the best opportunities to update their knowledge, skills, and practices and achieve health certificates.


Our conferences are held in Dubai, UAE, and offer diverse medical and educational activities and clinical skills training programs for doctors and other healthcare professionals. We focus on social responsiveness and continuous innovation in education, inspiring a diverse group of doctors who will reshape their competence in their respective medical fields.

Join us at MEGO 2024 and be a part of this groundbreaking event. We look forward to seeing you there!


Med Prodoc conferences provides CME training program for Gynecologist, Physicians, Surgeons, Dentist and other Medical allies to upgrade their knowledge and skills under internationally recognized certifications.

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