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16 - 17 DEC 2021 DUBAI

veneer courses for dentists
veneer preparation courses



A two days intensive program for those contemplating to educate their knowledge and skills to create authentic restorations in the aesthetic zone.



Veneer Hands on Course 2021

Veneer hands on course 2021


This is a 2-days intensive veneers course program in dubai. It will enlighten you with the knowledge and skill to create life-like restorations in the aesthetic zone. The course is tailor-made for general practitioners and specialist dentists to learn the art of tooth preparation for veneers.

  • Creating Hollywood smiles with porcelain.
  • Space Closure with veneers and composites.
  • Bonding veneers under isolation.
  • Histological layering of composites.
  • Masking the line of demarcation with composites.
  • Art of finishing and polishing composites.


Program - Day 1

• Introduction to Cosmetic Dentistry
• Current strategies in Adhesive Dentistry
• Selection of right materials and equipment
• Successful Shade Matching
• Tips and tricks in Composite Placement
• Effective space closures with Composite
• The protocols for layering composites in a Class IV situation
• Colors and tints in composite
• Creating life like effects
• Finishing and Polishing techniques
• Current Generation of Ceramics


  • Ceramic laminate tooth preparation on typodont and temporization.
  • Step by Step Bonding protocols in Porcelain Veneers.
Veneer Hands on Course 2021

What will you benefit from this course?

It’s a great chance to explore the latest steps in the evolution of cosmetic dentistry. In veneer hands on course 2021 we will illustrate you how to achieve smile transformation with computer guided implants and cosmetic dental veneers. All-porcelain veneers, and custom cosmetic implant crowns can be created in just hours to let the patients leave smiling.

Achieve hands-on training that will teach you to plan a successful case. How to deliver the best results for the fresh smile of your patient. Our veneer courses in dubai enables the most traditional preparation. It offers the best esthetic result for a predictable design.

First when designing the smile, a model is made to visualize the veneers and the implants to help make certain the smile will look great with the future dental implants. The design will help to see how it will look once the implants are placed in the jaw.

The smile design will also show how the porcelain veneers will look like once they are created on treatment day. The veneer procedure and the dental implant procedure both can be done on the same day. The patients could leave with their smile completely transformed in one single visit.

Dental Veneers

Every person wants to have a great smile with your everyday dental hygiene and regular visits to the dentist. You have a big chance of maintaining your natural and healthy smile but what if there is something that can affect your smile? Getting your tooth broken, having it damaged, or getting your teeth knocked out. If that happens it is time to make a dental appointment. You may have several choices on what happened and its options for it you might do to fix it. There are certain procedures you can choose to rectify the situation. Your dentist may come up with a plan to restore your smile

We all know the phrase that “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.  In a time where people are conscious about how they look on the outside having perfect teeth is one of their upgrades in life. In which this is where Dental Veneers or more popularly known as “Hollywood Smile”. It comes in and make them feel more confident in more ways than one.

Who We Are :

MedProDoc organizes veneers course in dubai for practicing Medical Professionals, General Dentists, Specialist dentists and various medical allies. We help them obtain local or international certification. Through providing advanced learning programs in an engaging and comprehensive manner. In veneer preparation courses we teach our delegates how to effectively use products. Help train them in medical specialties and provide clinical professional development.

We are delighted to introduce you our upcoming veneers hands on course for dentists ESTHETIC CONFLUENCE 2021. Hands-on & Clinical Case Discussions, delivered by the experts on the field. These veneer courses for dentists will improve your medical skills and professional excellence in a comprehensible manner in order to improve patient care.

Advance in dental technologies is changing the way dentists treat their patients. As part of its mission to promote excellence in these field. The ESTHETIC CONFLUENCE 2021 program was initiated with our affiliation with the Swiss Laser Masters Academy



Date :December 16-17, 2021
Venue :Dubai
Course Type :Hands-On & Clinical Case Discussion
Minimum Qualifications :BDS
Who Can Attend: General Dental Practitioners
Course Fee : AED 2500 (USD 680)

BDS, PGDHHM, MDS (Periodontology and Oral implantology), Msc (Lasers in dentistry), Germany

Dr. Prashanth Balakesavan

MDS (Periodontology and Oral implantology),
Msc (Lasers in dentistry), Germany
MDS, AAACD, Restorative & Cosmetic dentist. President ACDI (Affiliate of AACD, USA)

Dr. Mohan Bhuvaneswaran

Restorative & Cosmetic dentist.
President ACDI (Affiliate of AACD, USA)
DDS, AACD Accredited Member (online)

Dr. Marilyn Calvo

AACD Accredited Member

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Course: Veneers – Aesthetic Melange

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