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Sat - Thu 08AM-6PM Office Time

9 - 10 July 2020 DUBAI

Master certification in Laparoscopic Intensive
Hands-on Suturing

organized by Med Prodoc Conference in Dubai UAE.


laparoscopic suturing course


These Two days, hands-on training course focuses on acquiring and developing the necessary knowledge and skills to perform safe laparoscopic suturing. The course consists of short lectures, videos, hands-on workshops on a dry lab and animal lab.

After completing the course, you will be able to

• Understands the fundamentals of laparoscopic suturing
• Know the principles of ergonomics to perform safe and easy laparoscopic suturing
• Know the proper ports and their placement for Laparoscopic suturing
• Understand the laparoscopic needle anatomy
• Understand the principles and safe introduction and manipulation of different needles intra-corporeal
• Pass a needle and suture through tissues at suitable depth, distance and direction
• Tie a safe laparoscopic surgeons knot
• Create a laparoscopic tumbled square knot
• Demonstrate continuous suturing, maintaining tension and completing the suture.
• Be familiar with various devices and sutures for performing laparoscopic sutures.
• Tie a safe extracorporeal knot with different sliding knots, Roeder’s, Meltzer’s, Tay-side, Weston and others

Course feedback and Certificate distribution


Date : July 9 – 10, 2020
Venue : Dubai
Minimum Qualifications :MBBS
Who Can Attend: Consultants, Specialists and Trainees working in Gynecology, General Surgery and Urology
Course Fee : AED 2100 (575 USD)

*Early Bird & Group Discount Offered

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