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course part 2 hernia essentials practicals


course part 2 hernia essentials practicals


The objective is to identify, select and train selected surgeons, some of whom may be recommended by National Hernia Chapters. These surgeons would receive comprehensive training (both didactic and practical) on both approaches (Open and Laparoscopy) for abdominal wall hernias (inguinal, ventral, incisional). These hernias leaders would then serve to propagate and disseminate international guidelines based, best laparoscopic training course within their countries and in the region.


  • Needle handling, suturing & knotting
    • Suturing (peritoneum and bowel) and knotting
    • Extracorporeal knot – Roeder knot
    • Intracorporeal knot
    • Closing peritoneal tear with Endoloop
    Mesh handling
    • Mesh handling (within package only)
    • Transabdominal sutures on mesh
    • Mesh marking on abdominal wall
    • Central suture on mesh
    • Mesh rolling and insertion through port
    • Mesh laying on floor in abdomen
    • Retrieving transabdominal sutures with needle
    • Fascia closure needle
    • Loop technique
    • Tying loose sutures on surface.
    • Mesh fixation with tackers (distance, counter pressure, within margin)
    Port closure technique
    • Fascia closure needle
    • Loop technique
    Hasson trocar (and types), TEP step by step, TAPP step by step, IPOM step by step.


Date :November 8, 2019
Venue :Sharjah Surgical Institute, University Of Sharjah
Course Type :Lectures & Video Sessions
Minimum Qualifications :MBBS
Who Can Attend: General Surgeons & Resident Surgeons
Standard Delegate Fee :AED 2500 (USD 680)
Residents Fee :AED 1300 (USD 355)

*Early Bird & Group Discount Offered


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Hernia essentials basics & practicals